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Адунеизегьытәи ахәыҷқәа рымш [World Day of the Child]

The 20th November is designated the World Day of the Child. It is often said that bright is the house with a child in it and that such a house is full of joy and laughter. Such being the case, you should know that in a person' life there is no greater fortune. -- Recording by Hanifa Ahwba

Ноиабр ҩажәа рзы иазгәарҭоит адунеизегьытәи ахәыҷқәа рымш. Ирҳәалоит, ахәыҷы дзыҩноу аҩны лашоуп, агәырӷьареи аччареи ҩныҩуеит еснагь ҳәа. Ус анакәҳа, ишәдыруаз, еиҳау аразҟы шыҟам ауаҩы иҧсҭазаараҿы.
Анҵамҭа -- Ҳанифа Аҳәҧҳа

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