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Abkhazian historian Ermolay Adzhindzhal Turned 80 Years Old

Abkhazian historian, member of the Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Researches, eminent activist in the national-liberation movement of the Abkhazian people, Cavalier of the Order "Akhjdz-Apsha" (3rd degree), Ermolay Adzhindzhal has turned 80. Today he has been receiving congratulations on his anniversary from his friends and colleagues. He was the first Abkhazian scholar to have had academic articles published through UNESCO, and his works have been translated into several languages. At the meeting in the Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Researches dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ermolay Kesugovich, his colleagues and friends pointed out that Ermolay has been a pioneer of new trends in Abkhazian historiography and that his scholarly findings have led to the conclusion that Abkhazia's statehood dates back two millennia.
Abkhazia's Liberation and International Law, by E. K. Adzhindzhal

Vandals of the end of the XXth century, by Ermolay K. Adzhindzhal

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