The President received the Minister of Agriculture Beslan Dzhopua

The President received the Minister of Agriculture Beslan Dzhopua. They discussed the issues of development of agriculture of current importance.

The minister informed the President on preparation for planting vine on more than 230 hectares. It will be planted in the village of Akapa, Sukhum district and the village of Kuachara, Ochamchyra district. For that the ministry and the research institute of agriculture bought in Russia the vines suitable for local conditions.

Touching upon the conversations around agricultural projects from the side of the so-called "experts", the minister said that all fruit plantations had been planted on unused lands and neither tea, nor citrus plants had been uprooted. He added that if someone wants to be engaged in the tea industry, the ministry will only help.

'People can see the things we do. They see what we do and can assess our actions', the minister of agriculture said.

He added that no application from the citizens wishing to take part in the implementation of agricultural projects will be left unconsidered.

'Our main task is to preserve the plantations we have planted. And in a couple of years we'll have the results', the President said.

Аминистр иҳәеит, иахьазы рнапы злаку апланқәа ртәы. Иазгәеиҭеит 230 гектар инареиҳаны ажь аиҭаҳара ргәы ишҭоу сынтәа. Алеқсандр Анқәаб дазҿлымҳан аиҭаҳатәқәа ирымоу, еиҳаракгьы ажь аиҭаҳара ахьынӡанаргахьоу. Ажь еиҭарҳауеит Аҟәеи Очамчыреи араионқәа рыҟны. Беслан Џьопуа иҳәеит, ацәажәарақәа шцо еиҧш акәымкәа, ашәыр ахьеиҭарҳауа макьаназ акы ықәганы даҽакы шеиҭарымҳац. Аминистр иҳәеит, ачаи аӡәы иааирыхыр иҭахызар мап шицәырымкыц, иагьшицәырымкуа. Беслан Џьопуа иҳәеит, ажь аиҭаҳара ҵыҧхтәи рыплан аҿы ишарбаз. Егьырахь, ауаа ирҩыз арзаҳалқәа ишьҭоу ракәзар, урҭ зегьы хылаҧшрада ишаанымхо. Алеқсандр Анқәаб дазҿлымҳан ақыҭанхамҩатә проектқәа рынагӡара иалахәыз руалафахәы атәы. Аҳәынҭқарра Ахада убасгьы дазҵааит, еиҭаҳау аплантациақәа ахылаҧшра ахьынӡарымоу. Алеқсандр Анқәаб иазгәеиҭеит, зегь реиҳа ихадоу иахьазы иларҵахьоу аплантациақәа реиқәырхара шакәу. "Усҟан, ҩ-шықәса рыла алыҵшәа ҟалоит, аалыҵ ҳауеит", - иҳәеит Алеқсандр Анқәаб.

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