"Society: 20 Years Later" - Tsiza Gumba

Tsiza Gumba, head of the organization "National Resources": Of course we should have structured our lives in a completely different way. If God gave us the chance through such horrendous trials to change everything and everyone, of course we should have done it. We certainly expected it, but for some strange reasons we were not able to do some things, some undertakings in such a way that today, 20 years afterwards, our great Victory would truly become a great holiday.

We could not make worthy use of that victory because we did not choose the correct system of values, which is why what is happening today, the ongoing corruption scandal within parliament, makes me personally very sad. If the Abkhaz people criticize parliament deputies, the latter should invite journalists and their voters for an open discussion of the reasons rather than engage in closet reprisals.

This is partly our fault for not being more discriminating in who we voted into parliament. But we don’t have a right to remain silent indefinitely. For me, this parliament is dead, and I hope I am not the only one.

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