Presentation of the new Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation

By the decree of the President of Abkhazia, Khrips Dzhopua is appointed to the position of Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation. Today the Prime Minister, Leonid Lakerbaya, and the Head of the State Administration, Beslan Kubrava, introduced the newly appointed Head of the State Committee to the staff of the office. Abkhazia's Prime Minister, Leonid Lakerbaya, in his statement noted the importance of the work of the Committee on relations with our compatriots and their return to their historical homeland. The head of the Government noted that it was recommended by the leadership to change the format of the State Committee in order to make it possible for those ethnic Abkhazians wishing to return to their historical homeland actually to do so. These are objectives affecting the State as a whole, and the State is destined to become the single coordinating body, noted Leonid Lakerbaya.

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