Exhibition of Abkhazian Artists Organised in Nalchik

Cultural links are widening between Abkhazia and the North Caucasian republics. Thus, recently in Nalchik an exhibition was organised of Abkhazian artists. Representatives of the government of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic took part in the opening. Before proceeding to the opening of the exhibition of the Abkhazian artists, bouquets of flowers were laid at the foot of the monument named after Kabardians who fought as volunteers [in the Georgian-Abkhazian war] which stands in Abkhazian Square in the city of Nalchik. Thereafter, the exhibition of paintings by the Abkhazian artists Vitali Dzhnia, Batal Dzhapua, Temyr Dzidzaria, Temyr Qaitan, Valentina Xwyrxwmal, and Vissarion Tswydzh was opened at the State Museum. (Apsua TV)

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