Engin Ozkoc's speech at Turkish Parliament

Engin Ozkoc, the deputy of Sakarya, an ethnic Abkhazian, speaks to the Turkish parliament on exclusion of Abkhazia from the list of countries invited to Turkey for an international children's festival.

23 April, The International Children's Festival has caused a diplomatic crisis for the first time in its history. The fact that they placed among the participating countries the Republic of Abkhazia, which Turkey does not recognise, resulted in an objection from Georgia. For that reason, TRT changed the name of the 'Republic of Abkhazia' into 'Abkhazia Autonomous Republic-Georgia'. This was then opposed by Abkhazia. TRT resolved the situation by removing Abkhazia completely from the participating country-list. But the victims of this diplomatic crisis have been the children of Abkhazia who were preparing for the celebrations in Turkey.

Read more: http://abkhazworld.com/news/diaspora/975-abkhazian-children-are-victims-of-the-23rd-april.html

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