Adyghe Nisa | Ҳара ҳаруаа реиҳабы

Circassian Song in Circassian and Abkhaz -- "Hara Harwaa Reihaby" [The Leader of Our Soldiers] is a musical film in which there is a collection of songs which were born in one of the most challenging periods for Abkhazia, the period when not only the future of the country but the very future of the nation found itself in question.

The film incorporates a military chronicle: right at the start their authors and first performers sing military songs. These archival sequences are combined with staged shots of the same songs but now in performances by descendants of the heroes who gave their lives for Victory.

Realisation of the project " Hara Harwaa Reihaby " was facilitated thanks to funding by the companies AQUAFON and «Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia".

Аиааира ашәақәа.
Иҭырхит Емма Хәаџьаа-ҧҳаи Ҭемыр Қәычбериеи.
Ашәақәа аус рыдиулеит Анри Гәымба

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