Abkhazia, the land of milk and honey | Win Kowa

Composed & played by Win Kowa

On his own initiative, Eugen W. Krammig produced a Music CD entitled “Freedom for Abkhazia”, all the profits from the sale of which will be sent to Abkhazia. The famous German musician and producer, Win Kowa, the famous choir Nartaa, made up of (near) centenarians, and the London Symphony Voices are among the contributors to this album. This is the video prepared for one of the songs from the album "Abkhazia, the land of milk and honey."

Tracks from the album:

1. Freedom for Abkhazia (3.94 MB)
2. Road in Abkhazia (5.62 MB)
3. Abkhazia, the land of milk and honey (5.59 MB)

Eugen Krammig was born in 1949 at Steinheim not far from Frankfurt on the Main. His life was quite interesting and full of numerous events. He was a truly talented versatile person: being a journalist, a sportsman he accompanied many famous people such as Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc. Krammig helped people who suffered from earthquake in Turkey, children from Chernobyl, Chechnya and other countries.

Once he visited Abkhazia Krammig fell in love with this country and its people for life.

Despite many difficulties and threats he always helped Abkhazia as he could. Eugen Krammig brought to Abkhazia batch of humanitarian products such as medical supplies, hospital equipment, building materials, etc.

From 1996 E. Krammig became Abkhazian citizen and Honorary Consul of Abkhazia in Germany. He felt for Abkhazia really extraordinary love and dreamed of its freedom and independence, he was happy for its success and always spread the information, wrote several books about Abkhazia. He gave back his Federal Cross of Merit as a protest of German Policy towards Abkhazia.

In 2007 President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh awarded the Order "Ahdz Apsha" to Eugen Krammig for his constant contribution and support of Abkhazia.

See: Eugen Krammig: Life after death, by Vitaly Sharia

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