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Lecture by Aleksey Gogua

Apsua TV -- Aleksey Gogua (Abkhaz: Алықьса Ноча-иҧа Гәагәуа / Aleksey Nocha-ipa Gogua; born 15 March 1932 in Gup village, Ochamchira District) is an Abkhaz writer. He studied at the Sukhum Pedagogical University and Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow. He was the first chairman of the organization Aidgylara. Gogua took actively part in the political life of the republic and was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. His works are often considered as constituting the best prose in Abkhaz language. His works have been translated into many languages of the former USSR and additionally into English, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian.

Aleksey Gogua, a writer in Sukhum (an interview)



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