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Presentation of the project “Akwymzhwywaa”

Presentation of the project “Akwymzhwywaa” (Men in Cherkesskas)

On 25 September 2013, on the Promenade of the Mukhadzhirs (Exiles) near the ruins of Sukhum Fortress will take place the presentation of the project "Akwymzhwywaa" (Men in Cherkesskas) dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of Abkhazia. The authors of the project are: Madina Argun, Elvira Arsalia, and artist and director Aleksej Shervashidze-Chachba. 

On the day there will be a presentation of the feature-documentary film and the opening of a photo exhibition. 

The film "Akwymzhwywaa" is a historical saga consisting of six parts. Six stories adapted for the screen from "The Abkhazian Hundreds" to the present day. Each story portrays the fate of a single Abkhazian soldier, his spirit, costume and attributes of the time. 

The basis of the photo exhibition will be 12 pictures: 6 historical, covering the 100-year period of the history of Abkhazia from 1914, and 6 of their modern counterparts, for the creation of which similar character-types were selected, historical costumes were specially produced and properties prepared. 

The "Akwymzhwywaa"-project will reveal all the wealth of the Abkhazian male military costume, show the milestones of its development and convey the audience into the atmosphere of this or that military era.

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