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The Georgian Commander-in-Chief on TV threatens the Abkhazian nation with genocide

The Georgian general leading the invading forces in the autumn of 1992, Gia Karkarashvili, stated on TV that he would sacrifice 100,000 Georgians to kill all 97,000 Abkhazians, if that is what it took to keep Georgia's borders inviolate.'


- This threat was even reported in the Georgian newspaper 7 dghe 7 Days (No.31, 4-10 September 1992, p.3): On 25 August Gia Karkarashvili, general of the National Guard stationed in western Georgia appeared on Abkhazian television. He issued an ultimatum to the Abkhazian side: if within 24 hours they should not lay down their arms and hand themselves over to members of the State Council, the Abkhazians would have no-one left to carry on their race: 100,000 Georgians would be sacrificed for the 97,000 Abkhazians, but Georgias borders would remain in tact.

- And also 'UNPO Abkhazia Report' November 1992, Chapter b. Human Rights and Cultural Destruction.

...Additionally, the Commander-in-chief of Georgian troops in Abkhazia, General Georgiy Karkarashvili warned in a televised formal address to the Abkhaz and Georgian people in Sukhumi on August 24, that no prisoners of war will be taken by the Georgian troops, that if 100,000 Georgian lose their lives, then [on the Abkhazian side] all 97,000 will be killed; and that the Abkhaz Nation will be left without descendants. The delegation saw a video recording of this ominous speech.

- Central Asian Survey, 12(3), (1993), p.338

- BBC Summary of World Broadcasts

- A similar threat came from the head of Georgia's wartime administration, Giorgi Khaindrava, on the pages of Le Monde Diplomatique in April 1993.

Goga (Giorgi) Khaindrava, told the correspondent from Le Monde Diplomatique that "there are only 80,000 Abkhazians, which means that we can easily and completely destroy the genetic stock of their nation by killing 15,000 of their youth. And we are perfectly capable of doing this.

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