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Bagrat Dzhobava, 5 years old, epilepsy

Bagrat Dzhobava, 5 years old, epilepsy.

Examination and course of treatment are essential. Price 224,460 rubles ($ 6836.60). 

Bagrat was born perfectly healthy, it would seem; in no way did he differ from other kids, but, at the age of 5 months, he suffered a terrible attack, which took his young parents by surprise. Despite initial treatment with anti-convulsant drugs, attacks continue to occur periodically 2-3 times a month. "It is terrible when your child is rolling around, gets an unnatural bluish tint, and there is nothing you can do to help him. You just stand and watch as your child, all twisted, suffers from convulsions – this is an awful feeling that cannot be conveyed in words; the suffering can be understood only by the relatives of those caught up in such a calamity," says Bagrat's mother, Maja Aiba.


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